American Guns

American Guns
American Guns is a reality television show that follows the lives of the Wyatts, Rich and Renee Wyatt who are proud owners of Gunsmoke. Gunsmoke is a premiere firearm complex located near Denver, Colorado. They buy, sell and trade guns American Guns is a reality television series that aired on the Discovery Channel. The series centers on the blended family where patriarch Rich Wyatt, his wife and his children run Gunsmoke Guns, located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado;. They specialize in gun manufacture, trade, customization, and instruction. On December 17, 2012, Discovery announced the cancellation of the series.

Most Recent Episode: American Guns Season 2, Episode 16: (Air Date: 9/5/2012)

Premiere Date: October 10, 2011
Casts: Rich Wyatt , Paige Wyatt , Kurt Wyatt , Renee Wyatt
Air Time: 10pm
Country: US
Air Day: Wednesday

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