BETs Mancave

BETs Mancave
BET’s Mancave is a no-holds-barred conversation among five men brave enough to be honest and vulnerable, as they laugh it up and get serious about hot-button topics. Hosted by award-winning journalist Jeff Johnson – and featuring actors, athletes, and comedians, among others – this topical weekly event series brings together African American men with wildly diverse opinions to dissect current hot topics in entertainment, politics, news and beyond. Through humor, genuine emotion and heated debate, the panel will discuss their own opinions and experiences, while revealing what it’s really like to navigate the world as an African American man. With unfiltered honesty, BET’s Mancave is the ultimate ‘bro-out’ session that reflects how complex men’s thoughts actually are.

Most Recent Episode: BETs Mancave Episode 12: April 12, 2018 (Air Date: 4/12/2018)

Premiere Date: January 18, 2018
Casts: Durrell Babbs, Gerald 'Slink' Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Marcos Palacios
Air Time: 10:30 pm
Air Day: Thursday

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