Blood & Oil (2013)

Blood & Oil (2013)
Meet the Cutters – a blue collar, Midwestern family determined to keep their oil company alive amidst Ohio’s aggressive oil boom. Running on blood, sweat, tears and pure instinct, in this real life David vs. Goliath struggle to keep their business and family together, the Cutter’s will do whatever it takes to keep Cutter Oil Company afloat as they take on big oil in this race for black gold. Founded by Charles “Chuck” and Beth Cutter, Cutter Oil Company consists of their sons CJ, Josh and Shawn, daughter Kristin and her husband, Ray Anthony. Once a thriving family operated oil business, Cutter Oil was suddenly overcome by the recent and untimely death of the company’s patriarch, Chuck. As the family struggled with his loss, an oil boom erupted in Ohio, forcing the family to push back in an effort to carry on their father’s legacy and make Cutter Oil successful. After discovering that big oil corporations have snatched up drilling rights all over their state, the Cutters are faced with limited options for drilling territory. Determined to uphold his father’s legacy, CJ is forced to make a risky and controversial decision to wildcat drill on their own property and not all the family members agree. A high-risk business with even higher stakes, running the family oil drilling business is nothing short of dramatic. Struggling to hold the family together, can CJ Cutter deliver on his promise to keep their company going or will he lose it all in this high stakes gamble to save everything his father built? Will this hard working family come together to save their business or will the stress and pressure tear them apart? Follow this hard working, all-American family that is built on tough love and dedication as they do whatever it takes to stake their claim in the heart of the biggest oil boom of the century.

Most Recent Episode: Blood & Oil (2013) Episode 7: (Air Date: 7/31/2013)

Premiere Date: June 18, 2013
Casts: Ahn Jae Hyun, Koo Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Air Day: Wednesday

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