Concorde: The Untold Story

Concorde: The Untold Story
Discover the challenges and espionage behind the race to build the first supersonic airliner. CONCORDE: THE UNTOLD STORY is a two-episode documentary that goes inside the race to build the first supersonic airliner at the height of the Cold War, with Europe's Concorde racing against the Soviet TU144 and the American Boeing 2707. The two-parter unearths a tale of espionage and national prestige as the British and French battled their counterparts, while examining the technical challenges in the battle for supersonic passenger jet supremacy. They all ultimately end in failure.

Most Recent Episode: Concorde: The Untold Story Episode 2: Part 2 (Air Date: 11/26/2023)

Premiere Date: November 26, 2023
Air Time: 8:00 pm
Air Day: Sunday

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