Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog
The things he does for love! Welcome to the middle of Nowhere, Kansas. Population: one kind old lady, one crabby old man, one timid dog and all sorts of creepy creatures, scary monsters and crazed villains! It's a living nightmare for poor Courage, who faces these unthinkable dangers with his body shaking and his tail between his legs. But Courage loves his sweet Muriel and grumpy Eustace, so he digs deep to find the strength to save his beloved family from deadly weremoles, dark shadows and other sinister elements that pop up all over this terrifying town. With clever nods to classic horror films, this action-packed animated series keeps laughs and scares coming as Courage outwits evil with his singular brand of bravery. The bizarre misadventures of a cowardly dog named Courage and his elderly owners in a farmhouse in Nowhere, Kansas.

Most Recent Episode: Courage the Cowardly Dog Season 4, Episode 13: Remembrance of Courage Past/Perfect (Air Date: 11/22/2002)

Premiere Date: November 12, 1999
Casts: Arthur Anderson, Lionel Wilson, Marty Grabstein, Simon Prebble, Thea White
Air Time: 4:00 am
Country: US
Air Day: Friday
Season 4 Episodes

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