Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars
Cupcake Wars pits Cupcake vs. Cupcake in Food Network’s tastiest competition yet. In this episode, 4 cupcake makers vie to have their treats presented at the Alma Awards. Based off of taste and presentation, only one will win the gig. We are about to put on our helmet, pick up our frosting gun and go to battle. The war is on! The best cupcake bakers in the country are competing to see who has the best cupcakes. In this war of frosting and sugar, there is only one winner.

Most Recent Episode: Cupcake Wars Season 10, Episode 11: Celebrity: Matilda (Air Date: 8/15/2016)

Premiere Date: June 13, 2010
Air Time: 8pm
Country: US
Air Day: Saturday
Season 10 Episodes

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