#CyberSleuths: The Idaho Murders

#CyberSleuths: The Idaho Murders
#CyberSleuths: The Idaho Murders follows a dynamic group of amateur TikTok detectives, led by #chroniclesofolivia, in their attempt to separate rumor from fact while examining police statements and hunting for digital clues. These amateur detectives are not restricted to follow police procedures. In the series, they visit the crime scene, speak to victims' families, and dig up potential witnesses while activating an online community that is brimming with theories and possible suspects. Was the killer a roommate, a jealous ex or a complete stranger? Did he or she act alone, or were there accomplices? As the investigation goes into viral overdrive with fingers pointed in all directions, innocent lives are upended. #CyberSleuths: The Idaho Murders ultimately raises the question: Do TikTok sleuths do more harm than good?

Most Recent Episode: #CyberSleuths: The Idaho Murders Episode 3: Collateral Damage (Air Date: 2/6/2024)

Premiere Date: February 6, 2024
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day:

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