Dara O Briains Science Club

Dara O Briains Science Club
Did you know that the bicycle has done more to improve the human immune system than any other invention in history? Is it a good idea for humans to try to reach out to extra-terrestrials? Are computers ruining music? Do smart drugs really make you brainier? A new six-part science series presented by Dara O Briain, featuring reporters and expert guests, is coming to BBC Two this autumn, asking these questions and many more. Each week the team will take a single subject and examine it from lots of different and unexpected angles – from extinction to sex, Einstein to space exploration and brain chemistry to music Dara Ó Briain's Science Club is a British science television series presented by Dara Ó Briain which first aired on BBC Two in 2012. Each week, the team take one subject and explore all possible angles, combining it with studio discussions in front of a live audience, films and on the spot reports.

Most Recent Episode: Dara O Briains Science Club Season 2, Episode 6: Invisible Worlds (Air Date: 8/29/2013)

Premiere Date: November 2, 2012
Air Time: 4:00 PM
Country: GB
Air Day: Tuesday

Dara O Briains Science Club Video Clips & Trailers

Playing Tricks on the Mind - Dara O Briains Science Club - Series 2: Episode 1 - BBC Two

Playing Tricks on the Mind - Dara O Briain's Science Club - Series 2: Episode 1 - BBC Two

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