Deadly Predators

Deadly Predators
Presented by BAFTA Award-winning presenter Steve Backshall, Deadly Predators will premiere on CBBC in early 2022. Over the course of the series’ seven episodes, Steve will come face to face with some of the biggest, baddest and most bizzare predators on the planet to unlock the secrets of their unique predatory powers.Through mind-blowing stunts, ground-breaking experiments and innovative CGI, Steve will give viewers a front row seat to some of the most jaw-dropping tricks of the world’s deadliest predators. Along the way, he’ll also shed light on how some of the world’s fiercest creatures are actually in need of our help with Steve looking into what’s being done around the world in conservation to save these predators and how we can play our own part to protect them.

Most Recent Episode: Deadly Predators Episode 7: Ultimate Predator (Air Date: 4/20/2022)

Premiere Date: April 11, 2022
Casts: Steve Backshall
Air Time: 6:00 pm
Air Day: Monday

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