Space Year X492. Countless people flew off into space in what became an era of traveling the stars. The B-Cuber video streamer Rebecca meets the young boy Shiki, who has the ability to manipulate gravity, on the machine planet of Granbell. Shiki cherishes his friends more than anything, something the machine Ziggy who acted as his father and who was called ‘Demon King’ taught him. Shiki is taken into the outside world, completely unknown to him, by his new friend Rebecca on an adventure in space. The first time in space, the first time seeing many different landscapes, the first time meeting many new people. A great and exciting space adventure about making new friends, one that has Shiki already excited with all the memories he is about to make, starts now. Aboard the Edens Zero, a lonely boy with the ability to control gravity embarks on an adventure to meet the fabled space goddess known as Mother.

Most Recent Episode: EDENS ZERO Season 2, Episode 25: Prelude to the Aoi War (Air Date: 9/30/2023)

Premiere Date: April 10, 2021
Air Time: 12:55 am
Country: JP
Air Day: Saturday
Season 2 Episodes

EDENS ZERO Video Clips & Trailers

Official Trailer

Official Trailer

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