Hyde & Seek

Hyde & Seek
Hyde & Seek, is set in a world where everybody has something to hide, and nobody is what they seem. While investigating a murder, police and immigration officials uncover a network of potential terrorists who have entered Australia under false passports. The enemies of national security are now hiding in plain sight and the race is on to hunt them down before the next atrocity. When his best mate and partner is killed in a random attack, Detective Gary Hyde and his new partner Claire McKenzie discover an underbelly of murder and fraud that threatens national security.

Most Recent Episode: Hyde & Seek Episode 8: Episode 8 (Air Date: 11/21/2016)

Premiere Date: October 3, 2016
Casts: Andrew McFarlane, Zoe Ventoura, Claire Lovering, Matthew Nable, Tai Hara, Emma Hamilton, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Mandy McElhinney
Air Time: 8:45 pm
Country: GB
Air Day: Monday

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