The Greatest Show Never Made

The Greatest Show Never Made
It follows the story of how, on a wet morning in June 2002, four cameras filmed 30 contestants who had quit jobs and given up their homes and travelled to a park in South East London, to take part in the biggest reality show on TV. However, the show didn't exist and the series will explore fame, identity and the desire to escape everyday life, as the group try and turn disaster into triumph as they confront the collapse of their dreams In 2002 six young people seeking fame and fortune applied for a new, top secret, reality TV show. They left their homes, jobs and partners and travelled to London to start the adventure. Twenty years after their dreams were shattered, they are still searching for answers; trying to understand how a show that didn’t exist, and the disappearance of the man behind it, changed their lives forever.

Most Recent Episode: The Greatest Show Never Made Episode 3: Episode 3 (Air Date: 10/11/2023)

Premiere Date: October 11, 2023
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day: Tuesday

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