The Messenger

The Messenger
Ed Kennedy is just another stupid human, until one day he isn't. That day, he stops an armed robbery and becomes an accidental hero. The next day, he starts getting messages Four playing cards the ace of diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts. Each with their own set of tasks. Who's sending them? And what the hell is a hopeless, cab-driving, guy like Ed meant to do with them? Ed has been chosen to care. He stumbles this mysterious path, helping and hurting, completing the cards, until he comes to see the real message has been for him. Being The Messenger has brought Ed back to life. The Messenger tells the story of Ed Kennedy who becomes an accidental hero when he begins receiving mysterious messages that sets him on a life changing journey.

Most Recent Episode: The Messenger Episode 8: Episode 8 (Air Date: 5/14/2023)

Premiere Date: May 14, 2023
Casts: William McKenna, Alexandra Jensen, Chris Alosio, Kartanya Maynard, Maggie Dence, Emmanuelle Mattana, Rebecca Massey, Felix Williamson, Guy Edmonds
Air Time: 8:20 pm
Country: AU
Air Day: Sunday

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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Official Trailer

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