The Parent Test

The Parent Test
Based on a hit Australian television format, The Parent Test will explore the many distinctively different parenting styles. From helicopter to child-led parents, 12 families are put under the microscope in the ultimate parenting stress test and will share learnings about emotional hot-button topics that compare the multiple styles of parenting. The families are put through various situations to foster conversations about how each unit operates. Host Ali Wentworth and parenting expert Dr. Adolph Brown moderate these impassioned conversations amongst parents who may have conflicting opinions on how to raise their families, but they all share the common goal of raising happy, healthy children.

Most Recent Episode: The Parent Test Episode 10: America's Most Effective Parenting Style (Air Date: 2/16/2023)

Premiere Date: December 15, 2022
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Air Day: Thursday

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