Wizards Vs Aliens

Wizards Vs Aliens
Wizards vs Aliens sees two worlds collide as young wizard Tom Clarke and his best friend Benny defend the Earth from Magic-eating aliens, the Nekross. Aided by the hobgoblin Randal Moon, Tom must stop Varg and Lexi from draining the Earth of Magic! Tom Clarke (a 16-year-old wizard) and Benjamin "Benny" Sherwood (a scientist) battle the forces of the Nekross, an alien species who are invading Earth to consume anything and anyone connected to magic.

Most Recent Episode: Wizards Vs Aliens Season 3, Episode 10: Twilight Falls - Part 2 (Air Date: 11/25/2014)

Premiere Date: October 29, 2012
Casts: Brian Blessed, Tim Rose, Jefferson Hall, Scott Haran, Percelle Ascott, Annette Badland, Michael Higgs, Dan Starkey, Gwendoline Christie, Tom Bell
Air Time: 12:15 PM
Country: GB
Air Day: Tuesday

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